Google Play Music: Giant Entering An Already Crowded Market

There are many good music streaming app in the market for both Android and iOS, but Google Play Music app which was exclusively available for US audience for past couple of years has recently launched its service in UK and some other countries is one option which is worth considering.

Google Play Music which available on both iOS and Android store will be competing against some of the market favorites like Spotify, Radio, iTunes and Rhapsody. It will be very interesting to see how people react to a stock Google music streaming application and weather this attempt from Google can provide any good results for the company.

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To be fair, if you are already subscribed to a music streaming application its very pointless of shifting from there to here as all of them present to you millions of songs to download. Google Play Music has a collection of over 20 millions songs which is par with all the other major streaming applications. All of their application plays music online locally without streaming the music through the WiFi or through a cell data connection which is a very good feature to have, but again most of the other application also present users with similar features. They also have a radio feature through which you would not have to select the playlist, although the quality of the music is a bit low in radio.

Google Music along with Spotify do stands out from the heard in one aspect which is that the music which is downloaded can be played back through the desktop client (in Spotify) and uploaded to cloud (in Google music). Apart from this all the other things are probably very similar in all the application.

Subscription Charges

In terms of the charges Play Music is certainly a cheaper alternative as of now. They are offering a discounted subscription of $7.99 per month as of June this year after which they will charge $9.99 like all others.

Download File in MP3 Format

Another advantage of Google and also with Spotify is that they both lets user download the actual MP3 file, just like the one which you transfer on to your device through PC. But this is a locker service, which would mean that only Google and other major subscriptions let you download those uploaded files. Google will only let you download these files on computer i.e. non android devices.

The biggest problem with Play Music is that Google will ask you to use credit card if you want to avail the services. There is a free 30 days subscription provided by Google after which the charges will kick in automatically, unless you unsubscribe after 29 days.

Goggle music is surprisingly a very easy to use application. it has got very easy subscription policy, the user interface is also not at all complicated and application is also very smooth. All the features can be easily accessed even by a not so tech person. On the whole Google has launched a good and a very easy to use application which is currently also a cheaper option to have.

iTunes: A Gateway to Endless Digital Possibilities

iTunes is an ingenious masterpiece in software engineering that gives computer users the ability to access, buy, catalog, download and manage numerous digital media content such as, audio and video, coupled with the convenience of syncing their preferences to their portable devices. It also enables a consumer to convert and store the downloaded content in a compact disc. The software is a product of Apple, Inc., which eases access to entertaining as well as educational digital media content and enables consumers to play their preferred content at their convenience. At its inception, iTunes was only a media player and a means to organize digital collections for Apple “Mac” users. However, the service swiftly advanced and developed the capacity for consumers to buy music from iTunes Store, which is inbuilt. The consequence of this foray into music merchandising was the advent of the now prominent iTunes music feature. Other content available through iTunes include television shows, applications, podcasts, movies, and audiobooks.

The term iTunes music may be used to refer to any of two things. First, it can be used to refer to the music vending service by Apple through the iTunes software which facilitates access to the iTunes Store. In this regard, music enthusiasts have access to millions of songs from numerous artists that they can purchase and download to their computers. Therefore, iTunes is a digital retail store through which music and other content are bought and sold. Second, it can also refer to the organizational capacity that the software gives the consumers so that they can manage and play their collections of music at their convenience by maintaining its original media player capabilities.

iTunes U is an incredible and noteworthy feature of the music store. This section only puts up audio and video content that is of educational value sourced from reputable institutions of higher learning, museums, and media entities that offer public broadcasting services. Of note is that all content available through the iTunes U section is free of charge. Therefore, this service is exemplary because it promotes the social welfare of the consumers by enhancing access to a library of useful educational material at a time when the cost of higher education is extremely high. However, there is another music vending avenue that is operating parallel to, and perhaps in competition against iTunes known as Apple Music. Apple Music offers consumers the option of renting music through a subscription-based model instead of buying and maintaining a selective and limited collection of music. In this way, users are given unlimited access to millions of songs wherever they are.

Introducing a newbie to the iTunes experience or showing appreciation to a friend or family member can be effectively realized by presenting them with an iTunes gift card. The gift card is another innovative way through which Apple seeks to popularize iTunes. The card is a simple way of gifting a full-service entertainment experience to another person. The gift card is available at Apple or any of its authorized dealers. Gift cards are available in different designs and varying denominations. Further, they can be tailored to suit every situation, where personal or business related. The cards can either be sent by physical mail or via email. A gift card can be redeemed for either membership to the Apple community or in exchange for any of the numerous items available at any of the Apple brand affiliate stores namely iTunes, iBook Store, Apple Mac Store or App Store.

The recipient of a gift card must be an account holder in any of the stores mentioned above. Upon gaining access to the account, the recipient must feed the code located at the back of the gift card into the relevant section under the ‘Manage’ tab of the interface. A successful transaction will be signified by the crediting of the gift card’s value into the recipient’s store account. Once the account is credited, the person can purchase anything within prescribed financial limits in any of the affiliate stores. If strategically utilized, the iTunes gift card can be a practical tool that can advance various objectives. For example, in a personal setting, the free iTunes codes can be sent to signify affection or to convey an apology. On the other hand, it can be harnessed within a business context for purposes such as marketing and branding, rewarding and encouraging employees, or as a token of appreciation to clients for offering you their business.